Insta Pro APK Download New Version v10.45 For Android 2024

InstaPro APK
App NameInstaPro
DeveloperSam Mods
Last UpdateJanuary 17
Size71 MB
RequiresAndriod 5.0+
Rating4.8 ⭐
Price0 USD

What Is Insta Pro APK?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. It has numerous features, but the original application still lacks advanced updates, including downloading pictures, reels, stories, etc. Additionally, it has many privacy settings and restriction policies that stop users from enjoying some advanced features.

Because of its privacy and restriction policies, there are numerous modified versions of the Instagram app, like the Instaup mod app, available on the Internet. But Insta Pro APK is the top-rated app among all modified versions. In contrast to other applications, it is completely safe and easy to use.

Instagram Pro

As I mentioned earlier, Instagram Pro APK is the modified version of the original Instagram app. One of the most prominent properties of this application is that it enables users to download pictures, stories, reels, etc from Instagram. Apart from downloading images, it allows users to manage numerous advanced properties, including font size, font type, theme, story settings, and more.

One of the most significant reasons one enjoys using this application is its countless features that he can’t enjoy on the official app. If you own multiple accounts on Instagram, you can download Insta Pro APK for Android devices and use it alongside the original Instagram app simultaneously without logging out of any account. Furthermore, its in-app built-in lock and ad-free experience make this application one of the best modified versions on the internet.

What’s New in the Latest Update

Sam Mods, a well-known application developer, developed this application in 2019. Since then, this app has seen numerous updates. The latest version of Instagram Pro currently in use is version 10.45. Though it has significant properties, this APK offers minor yet useful upgrades. These upgrades include copying the text, turning the double-like button on or off, downloading your story with music, and much more. In short, this application has everything one could ask for.

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy more exciting features like the Icon coloring of the Insta app and more, download the Insta Color APK. It provides you with extra privacy features like app lock and more.


Instagram Pro APK Download Method

As this is the mod version, it is unavailable on the Play Store. Android users can download the InstaPro app through our website by following the following steps.

  • Click the “Download APK for Android” button.
Insta Pro APK Download
  • Once you download the file, go to settings on your Android and enable “Unknown Sources.”
How To Download
  • To Install this APK, go to the “files” section on your mobile and click on the downloaded APK file.
How To Install APK
  • You will be prompted to accept the installation. Then click on it and it will start installing on your device.
Installation Process

Key Features of Insta Pro APK

Chat Screen Customization

One of the distinguishing features of this version is its chat screen settings. Unlike the official app, Insta Pro mod APK lets users change their font styles & colors and customize their background wallpaper, text colors, and chat theme.

Chat Customization

It also enables users to set their favorite image as a chat wallpaper. In addition, one of the properties of this app that I loved the most was its customized message translator settings. In simple words, this app allows you to enable or hide message translators according to your requirements.

Advanced Privacy Settings

As I mentioned earlier, this Pro app has many advanced privacy settings, making it one of the top-rated modified versions of Instagram. The latest privacy settings of this app allow you to hide your view of others’ stories. Furthermore, you can mark your message unread even after reading it.

Privacy Settings

Ghost Mode

Another distinguishing feature of this application is its live ghost mode. Some people do not like the typing status appearance when they type a message. If you are one of those people, this application has a perfect setting that allows you to hide your typing status while typing a message. Apart from this, you can hide your online and last-seen status and turn off analytics for your ghost appearing on this app.

Live Ghost Mode

Hide View Stories

There are many reasons why people love using the new version of this app. One of those settings includes story views. The advanced properties of this app allow you to watch others’ stories without them knowing. In other words, if you watch anyone’s stories on this app while hiding your view, that person won’t know that you saw his story because your name doesn’t appear in the story’s view list.

Hide View Stories

Mark Messages As Unread

Another significant property of this application is that it enables you to hide your view of the message. Simply put, if you hide your view on the message in a DM, the app features allow you to mark your message as unread. As a result, another person won’t know you saw their message. It is one of the reasons people love using this app because it hides their appearance and takes proper security measures for user privacy.

Mark Message as Unread

Hide Typing Status In a DM

Unlike the original app, the updated mod APK allows users to hide their typing status in a DM while typing a message. Many people do like this feature because of their privacy concerns. Hence, this application enables users to hide their typing status when typing a message in a DM to keep their privacy.

Hide Typing Status

Download High-Quality Pictures

One of the major drawbacks of the official app is that it has certain restrictions that compress your pictures and reduce screen resolution, thus adversely affecting the picture quality of the app. If you are annoyed by this restriction, this app can solve your problem.

High Quality Pictures Setting

Its advanced characteristics and upgrades enhance your photo’s appearance by improving its quality to a significant extent. The modified version turns off Instagram’s restriction policies, maintaining your picture’s quality and screen resolution.

Extend Stories Time Limit

Usually, Instagram allows you to put a story of a maximum of 15 seconds. This APK differs from others because it allows you to post a story for a maximum of 60 seconds. In other words, it extends your story’s time limit from 15 to 60 seconds. To enable this setting, go to the “Settings Tab” and click “Feed and Stories”. There, on the bottom, you will see this setting and can enable it.

Extend Stories Time Limit

Download Instagram Pictures, Stories, And Reels

There are many third-party Insta applications available online like the Instander application, that offer this feature. But this app has advanced properties that allow you to download pictures, videos, stories, and reels safely. Unlike the original app, this APK lets you download your favorite posts from Instagram without using a third-party application. To download reels and stories, open them and click on “3 dots”; from there you can see the download option. Moreover, downloading posts is a bit easier; simply triple-tap on the post and it will start downloading on your device.

Download Insta Stories

More Advance Features

Anti Screen Shot

Another exciting feature of this mod app is the “Anti Screenshot” feature. By enabling this feature you can prevent other users from taking screenshots of your pictures or posts. This will increase your privacy and allow you to post comfortably on Instagram. To enable this option, go to the app settings and click “Enable Anti Screenshot”.

Add Unlimited Accounts

This is one of my favorite features in this APK as it allows you to add multiple Instagram accounts to your device. If you use Instagram frequently or run a business on the platform, this feature is a blessing. For businesses, utilizing this feature enables them to create multiple stores on Instagram and boost earnings. But keep in mind to follow the community guidelines of the platform.

In-App Lock

Another prominent benefit of using this Insta Pro APK is that it has an in-app lock that ensures the user’s safety and privacy. You can use this built-in lock in your app and certain chats without using other app lock applications. Moreover, it also enables you to set a PIN code for additional app privacy.

Ad-Free Experience

Many applications are available online but do not offer an ad-free experience. Well, this app provides its users with an ad-free experience. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sponsored ad appearances in the middle of reels or videos on your app. If you enable specific ad settings, the app turns off unwanted ads so that you can enjoy your time on Instagram with an ad-free experience.

Anti Delete Feature

Another amazing feature of this application is “Anti Delete Messages”. This feature empowers users by displaying deleted messages by the sender. By enabling this option in settings, you see those messages that have been deleted in your inbox.

Enable Voice Messaging

The latest update of the app introduces the voice messaging feature. Now you don’t need to type lengthy messages in DM because, with the help of this addition, you can send voice messages to anyone just like we do on WhatsApp or FB Messenger. To enable it, update Instapro to the latest version and a microphone will start appearing in your DMs.

Enable/ Disable Double Like Button

Usually, the Instagram application enables you to like a post or a reel by double-clicking on the picture. Some people find this feature a bit annoying. If you are one of those people, this feature is best for you. The advanced characteristic of this app allows users to turn the double-like button on or off according to their choice or requirements.

In-App Browser

The official app does not have an in-app browser, meaning you can open links through a third-party application or browser. In contrast, the new version of this APK lets users open direct links through its in-app browser.

Follow/Unfollow Tracker

By using this feature you can manage your Instagram followers effectively. This feature allows users to monitor who follows and unfollows them, providing insights into their audience’s behavior and engagement. You can track who follows or unfollows you by viewing their profile. To enable this feature, go to the “miscellaneous settings” of the app and turn on the option.

Font Style

Compared with the official app, InstaPro offers more than 20 font styles to enhance your overall app experience. Using this app, you can change the default font style and use your favorite one to type a bio comment, etc.

Video Fast Forwarding

Another drawback of the original app is that it does not allow users to fast-forward a long video. With IG Pro APK, you don’t have to watch long videos forcefully because it features a fast-forwarding video property that enables you to fast-forward long videos.

App Icon

If you run multiple accounts on Instagram, the same icons might confuse you. To prevent this confusion this app allows you to change your app’s icon accordingly to avoid confusion as it has 16 variations of the app icon.

Auto Translation

Another great feature that is present in this APK is auto-translation. You just don’t have to worry about reading the posts if they are in some other language than yours. Similarly, if you post in Italian and your friend does not know how to read Italian, he can use the Proinsta APK to translate the post into his own language. Furthermore, this application is compatible with both the Google and Yandex translation engines.

Comparison With Official Application

FeaturesInstaProOfficial Instagram
Anonymous ActivitiesYes ✅No ❌
Anonymous ActivitesYes ✅No ❌
Customized Themes & FontsYes ✅No ❌
Anti Ban FeatureYes ✅No ❌
Multiple AccountsYes ✅Yes ✅
Story Upload Limit60 Seconds30 Seconds
Advance PrivacyYes ✅No ❌
Anti Delete FeatureYes ✅No ❌
Disable StoriesYes ✅No ❌
Post SchedulingYes ✅Available on professional account

Final Verdict

Insta Pro APK is a far better choice than the official application to enjoy the Instagram experience at its peak. It has countless advanced features that you won’t expect in the official app even in the next 5 years. You can hide your typing status in a DM, download videos, stories, reels, fast-forwarding videos, and more. So don’t waste your time and immediately switch to this APK to enjoy its exciting array of features.


It is the modified version of the original app with numerous advanced features. Additionally, it offers an ad-free experience to enhance your overall app experience.

One of the prominent features of this app is that it allows users to download pictures, stories, and reels from Instagram on their devices.

It has uncountable features. This app allows you to hide your views on others’ stories, download pictures and videos, customize chat settings, hide your typing status in a DM, and much more.