Instander APK Download Latest Version 18.0 For Android 2024

Instander APK
App NameInstander
Last UpdateJanuary 18
Size62 MB
RequiresAndriod 9.0+
Rating4.8 ⭐
Price0 USD

What is Instander APK

Do you like saving entertaining videos on your phone to watch them later? Well, if you like doing so, you must download the Instander APK for Android. It is a third-party Instagram application that has all the features you wish to have while scrolling through the Instagram available on the Google Play Store.

Instagram is a globally used application that keeps people in touch. But the original app is short of some exciting features. Instander mod APK has filled that gap by providing lots of new features that are listed below. This is a third-party Instagram application, like a modified Instaup app, and is not available on the Google Play Store.

Instander APK Download

The interface of this modified version is user-friendly and helps you control different things. The features of this app and the installation process are discussed below so you can have an idea before using it. We are sure you won’t return to the official app after using this version.

You can get your hands on the exciting features that make this modified version user-friendly and efficient. Scroll down to read about the installation process and key features. We are sure you’ll switch to this version when you reach the end.

Key Features of the Latest Version

This mod version has all the features that are unavailable in the official application, like downloading media, no-ads, ghost mode, hide view stories, story saver, and more. Some of the features of this APK are discussed below for your help.

App Settings
Instander Login

Ghost Mode

It is the most likely feature that this APK offers. You can change the settings to “Ghost Mode,” so your presence is not tracked by anyone while using the application. It allows you to watch many people’s content, but they won’t be able to view your activity or notice your presence.

Moreover, you can turn off your “Active Now” status so no one sees you online while you read their messages. This feature makes you anonymous, as nobody knows you’re watching them. Hence, everything is achievable while using this feature of the latest version of Insta Pro APK.

Blocking Advertisements

Ads can be irritating and waste a lot of your time when you scroll through your Instagram account. The updated version of this app allows users to enable or disable advertisements while they watch reels or stories. This not only saves your battery but consumes less data.

Customization of ads is not available in the app that is available on Google Play Store. In order to do this, go to the settings of Instander and click on “Disable Ads” to block them. You can now watch your favorite influencer’s story or reels in peace.

Downloading Pictures & Videos

Instagram lacks this feature and doesn’t allow people to download reels/pictures to their gallery. You can download everything easily without switching between applications. Hence, you can now save stuff without the other person knowing about it.

The latest version of the app allows users to download pictures, videos, stories, and reels from others without them knowing. You can download whatever you like directly to your device with the help of this application. This feature was also available in the old version, but now the developers make small upgrades to it.

Close Friend List

It is an important feature that many people like as it keeps some of their content confidential. Many people share funny posts directed at friends or family members. They would not like other people to see and misunderstand it, which is why they prefer having a separate list of their close friends or family members.

With this app, you can make a list and share stories that specific people can view. No one else other than the people on your list will be notified about your post or story. Hence, it allows only a few people to view the funny posts or jokes that you share in stories.

Smart Gestures

This mod version comes with a feature called Smart Gestures that makes this extremely user-friendly. You can download pictures and zoom in by just tapping your screen. A long tap on the screen will help you zoom in, while a triple tap can download the media files directly to your phone.

You can even swipe to switch between different pages while using the application. Hence, you can use your account efficiently by using this feature. So download this APK and enjoy its unremarkable features today.

How to Download & Install Instander App on Android

You cannot download this APK from the Google Play Store. You will have to search for the APK link if you wish to use the latest version of this modified application on your mobile phone. Please make sure to uninstall your Instagram before you download this application. Follow the steps for a hassle-free installation process.

  • Find a download link on the browser for this APK file and get started with the process.
Instander Download Link
  • Open the settings of your Android phone and look for the “Security” option. Click on “Unknown Sources” so your phone can download it.
How to install
Installation Steps For Android
  • Open downloads from the browser’s menu after the application has been downloaded.
Open APK
  • Click on it to begin the installation process on your mobile phone.
Install Instander on Android


  • 5.0 or higher Android version
  • 1 GB free storage
  • RAM 512 MB


  • Ad Free
  • Easy Interface
  • Free to use


  • Not available on the Play Store.

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This app has a user-friendly interface that ensures you have a great experience while scrolling. You can read the details and download the Instander APK Android version by clicking the download button located in this article.

Its popularity is growing day by day because of its additional and advanced features. Basically, the features it provides are the limitations of the original Instagram application therefore, people are rushing to download and use Instander. Moreover, the iOS version of this APK is not available on the Internet.


Yes, Instander is completely safe to use and has high-security protection. The user will never experience any kind of data leak or hacked account.

Instander has more features such as users can get videos, reels, pictures, or stories on their cell phones. The application is ad-free and provides you with other minor but exciting features. At the same time, Instagram does not offer all these features.