Download Instander For PC Latest Version (v18.0) 2024

Instander APK For PC
App NameInstander
UpdateJanuary 18
Size62 MB
Rating4.8 ⭐
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In the online world of social media, it is hard to go unnoticed after seeing your friends’ stories and posts. However, mostly we like to stay invisible and anonymous so that we don’t have to comment on others’ posts. After the success of Instander APK for Android, the PC version of this APK is also here. In this article, we will introduce the Instander APK for PC.

It is the mod version of Instagram, a famous social media application. It has all the features of Instagram and more. So, let’s dig into it and learn more about how it can be installed on a PC.

How to Download Instander Application On PC?

  • First, download an emulator on your PC; please ensure that the emulator is safe. For instance, you can download BlueStacks to run this application on your PC.
  • Next, the emulators usually have an in-app Play Store where you can find this application and press the ‘download’ button.
  • Then, once the downloading is done, install Instander for PC.
  • Finally, run the application on your PC, login with your account, and enjoy downloading pictures and videos.

Features Of PC Version Of Instander

The reason why this app is so widely popular among Instagram enthusiasts is its unique and user-friendly features. If you love using Instagram, you will definitely fall in love with its mod version.

Download Videos and Pictures

One of the biggest reasons why people, prefer this app over Instagram is its ability to download media onto your device. Moreover, you can easily download your favorite images or aesthetic IGTV videos to your device. The PC version gives users the liberty to not only download media but also share it with friends who are not on this app.

Instagram does not allow users to download pictures and videos to their devices, and if you want to download them anyway, you would have to go for third-party software, which can be risky. Unlike other software, Instander for PC is completely safe and secure.

Ghost Mode

Another prominent feature of Instander for PC is its ghost mode. It will make you invisible so that you can keep track of everyone’s activities without them knowing about it. Moreover, you can sneakily watch others’ stories and messages, and your name will not appear on their seen list.

Similarly, it turns off your last seen, messages, read receipts, and even your typing. You can enable this mode in the ‘advanced settings’. Doesn’t it sound cool not to leave a trace behind?

Convenient Gestures Options

Generally, we love shortcuts for convenience. Instagram allows double-tapping on photos to like them easily; this PC version offers this and more. For instance, you can download a video only by triple-tapping on it or long pressing on a photo to zoom it in. You can enable these gestures by opening the ‘gesture’ option in ‘settings.’

Disable Ads and Get the Verification Badge

It is annoying and time-consuming to watch ads before every video. You can turn it off easily with Windows’s version of this APK. For this, go to the app’s settings, click on the ‘Privacy’ section, and disable ads to prevent wasting time and data.

Similarly, you can also verify your account by getting the blue tick or the verification badge. Standard offers this feature for free without asking for a huge number of followers and likes. Go to the ‘verification’ section, you will get a form, then fill it in with complete and correct information.

Hide Followers and Likes Count

When we like something on Instagram, our friends are able to see it on their feeds. If you do not feel comfortable with allowing everyone to see your followers and the following count, the Windows version of Instander has the best solution for this as well. You can hide your likes, activity status, following and followers count, even your last seen and online status.

Backup and Updates

This app is always one step ahead of the users with its backup option. If you lose your data accidentally, this APK will help you restore it by backing it up. Similarly, if you put it in one auto-update mode, unlike other mod applications, it will automatically update itself with the arrival of new updates.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Instander For PC


  • Free of cost
  • Convenient gestures
  • Improved experience
  • Best for downloading media


  • Unpredictable updates

In order to avoid these updates, go with the Insta Pro Mini For PC. It is a light-modified version so it consumes less space on your computer and is completely safe to download.


In short, Instander for PC app is an incredible mod version of Instagram that offers all the features of the original app and more. For instance, you can download videos and pictures on your device and use ghost mode to hide your identity.