Instagram Plus APK Download Latest Android Version (10.14) 2024

App NameInsta Plus
DeveloperOG Mods
Last UpdateFebruary 26
Size25.4 MB
RequiresAndriod 5.0+
Rating4.4 ⭐
Price0 USD

Overview of Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus APK is the latest modified version of Instagram. Which plays an important social role and is used for almost all types of devices. This app gives us information about many things as well as describes their features, that’s why most people prefer this app more than Instagram which is not like the official app. With the help of this app, you can download your favorite videos without any hindrance.

InstaPlus APK has many other features of the app. These days, people use it for chat purposes like many other best apps. This app provides a great opportunity to give the best facilities to its users. It offers individuals their favorite videos and pictures as well as entertainment, but still, people expect from this app a high level of depth features that Instagram does not have.


You can make Instagram more attractive and stunning by easily installing this app on your phone which is more effective. Instagram has already been a great medium for sharing favorite pictures and videos among relatives and friends and there is no wonder that the Insta Plus app has skyrocketed its importance.

This third-party application provides users with greater control over their Instagram usage, allowing for increased customization and convenience. It’s important to note, however, that third-party applications like Aero Instagram mod APK are not officially endorsed by Instagram and may pose security risks.

More About InstaPlus APK Download

It is a modified version of the popular social media app i.e Instagram that offers enhanced features beyond the official release. Users seeking additional functionalities such as downloading photos and videos directly, applying custom themes, and enjoying a more personalized experience often turn to Insta+ APK.

Settings and Features

Users considering the use of this APK should exercise caution and be aware of the potential implications, including the risk of account suspension or other security issues. Furthermore, always prioritize the security of your personal information and adhere to Instagram’s terms of service when exploring alternative applications like Instander.

Key Features of Instagram Plus

The amazing features of this app attract people from all over the world. Its features are more unique and advanced as compared to Instagram’s official app. That’s why, the users prefer this updated app more than the other apps. It has a modern interface that introduces people to the new features found in this app.

Standardized Videos

This app allows you to download photos and videos of your favorite friends, which many other apps don’t have. Images and stories obtained through this app are very high quality and interesting. It also provides an opportunity to tag and beautify videos while downloading them.

Best Customized Themes 

There are many people in this world who choose Instagram plus APK to get ideas to improve their work. It provides you an opportunity to give the variance kinds of customized themes for Android applications. With the help of this, you can fill any color in your work to make it beautiful.

In Built Translation

The “In-Built Translation” feature is one of my favorite features in the app that offers you a seamless way to overstep language barriers within the application. With this feature, You can effortlessly translate text from one language to another directly within Instagram. This will enhance communication and understanding across different linguistic backgrounds. Whether it’s reading captions, comments, or messages, this feature empowers users to engage with content in their preferred language.

Lock Pictures

If you want to use Instagram and also don’t want anyone else to see your pictures and videos. Then another feature of this app is that you can make your media private. By which your images will be limited just to you and your relatives. Hence, it is a sign of privacy and security. Furthermore, visit Honista APK for more unlocked features.

Lock Stories

If someone is your close relative and you want to write a story for him and don’t want any of your friends or relatives to read it. But if you are unable to write any novel or book this app is always ready to help you. It is also a means of keeping your private affairs safe.

Download Media Like Pictures, Reels, Videos

This application has a media downloading feature. I am fond of watching many entertainment videos and reels, and I often watch them in my free time. One day when I was watching the reals, after a few moments an amazing heart-touching clip came before me. Which I didn’t want to miss so immediately downloaded it and saved it for later. Since that, this is one of my favorite features of this application.

Posts Likes & Comments

Everyone now wants to increase the number of followers on Instagram and on other platforms as well. They want to get real likes and comments to get more fame and name. For this purpose, there are numerous apps available online like the modded Instaup app. But if you want to get better results in no time, you have to work on getting more viewers of the posts you share on Instagram and other platforms or download Instagram+ for this purpose.

How to Download & Install the Application?

  • First of all, find the download button on our website and click on it to begin downloading.
How to Download
  • After downloading this APK, go to the “APK” folder of your mobile phone and click on the downloaded file to Install it.
How to Install
  • After clicking the APK file, your mobile will ask you to install it. Just tap the “Install” button and the APK will installed on your device. Now it is ready to use, just log in to your account and enjoy the amazing features of this mod APK.
Install Insta+

Pros and Cons


  • Contains additional features
  • Anti-ban App
  • Easily Downloaded
  • Ad Free
  • Unlocked Features


  • Chance of leakage of private data
  • Untrusted updates
  • Third-Party


Instagram Plus App is one of the most famous and wonderful forms of Instagram, containing extraordinary features. It has all the features that users want. On the contrary, such facilities are not available in the official app. So, you can easily download it on your phone, computer, or laptop to get entertainment from its amazing features.


It is the modified version of Instagram which is used for almost all types of Android devices. It enhances the Instagram experience of users with its unlocked features.

Yes, it is a free app. It is easily downloaded on any device.

Yes, it is completely safe and secure and your images will be limited just to you and your relatives.