Insta Pro VS Insta Pro 2, Which Application Is Better?

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the king of all social media apps and is immensely gaining popularity among people of all ages. However, the official app has a few restrictions that limit the fun; this is when the moded versions come in handy. Both apps are modified (Pro) versions of Instagram but differ in some ways.

Both APKs offer multiple innovative features tailored to meet the demands of Instagram users. Both mod apps come with additional features not offered in the original application.

Insta Pro VS Insta Pro 2?

If you have compared these two APKs i.e Insta Pro VS Insta Pro 2, you must know that both APKs are more or less similar in functionality. It’s just that Insta Pro 2 offers more advanced features. Based on the facts, we have listed the following differences between these two apps.

  • There are far more advanced editing options in InstaPro 2. An individual loves to edit and enhance the beauty of his photos and videos using this APK’s filter, light effects, and other photo editing tools.
  • Another great feature of the updated Insta 2 is that it comes with various story templates that make your stories look different and mesmerizing than others.
  • Although both APKs allow the users to upload and download media directly from the app, the second version has more improved media sharing capability than the first version.
  • Both apps allow users to customize their profile’s theme, color, and font, but customization options are comparatively more in the second version.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy more privacy on Insta 2 and restrict your appearance as much as you want.

About These APKs

These are the modified versions of Instagram with additional features and are available for all Android devices. So if you want to experience Instagram in a different way, then Instagram is for you.

Insta 2 is nothing but a more advanced version of its predecessor Instagram. This modified version has more advanced and unique features to give users a heavenly experience. So both apps share similar features except for a few. Unfortunately, the iOS version of Insta Pro 2 isn’t available, but the good news is that you can use Instagram Pro on a PC by using an Android simulator.

Common Features Of Insta Pro Versions

  • These mod APKs are perfect for users who want to enjoy Instagram without being noticed, as they allow them to hide seen-on messages, typing status, story view, etc.
  • Both APKs are free from ads. So if you want an ads-free Instagram experience, these are for you.
  • Download any media from the app directly on your phone with just one tap.
  • Both apps have a built-in browser to visit any link within the app.
  • Make your Instagram more personalized using the customization options that come with these apps to change the theme, color, and font style of your Insta profile.
  • Moreover, users can track who has unfollowed them just like followers using the unfollow tracker feature of these applications.
  • Explore and share images in HD.

In Conclusion

Both are the mod versions of Instagram and provide users with additional features and customization options. But, Insta 2 has an advantage over Instagram because it offers more advanced features than the first version.


Developers have recently launched an updated version of Instagram i-e., Insta 2. It has plenty of new and advanced features that the previous version didn’t offer.

The Pro version has many additional features that make it better than the original app. It offers more privacy options, lets users enjoy all posts in HD resolution and much more.

Yes, pro versions are safe to use but you should use an authentic website to install these versions.