Download InstaPro For PC Latest Windows Version (10.45) 2024

InstaPro APK For PC
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Last UpdateJanuary 17
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In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram has always been everyone’s favorite. Undoubtedly it’s a perfect place to share our special moments, connect with friends, and much more but things are not the same for those who are using Instagram on PC.

There are lots of limitations while using Instagram on PC, which somehow makes this app less enjoyable. But not anymore, because InstaPro APK for PC is here which will take Instagram to new revolutionary heights. So if you want to enjoy Instagram on PC to the fullest then this article is for you.

About Insta Pro For PC

You are no longer bound to have a smartphone to enjoy all the exciting features of the most popular social media platform because the InstaPro for PC has turned the tables. It’s been a while since we are using the PC version of this application and we are super excited to share its super cool features with you all.

Furthermore, this modified PC version also comes with additional features that are not offered in the official Instagram app. You must be excited to know about these features so we won’t keep you waiting.

How To Download Insta Pro On PC

If you are interested in this app and want to download it on your PC keep in mind that you will need to install an Android emulator on your PC first. Then you can easily download this APK For PC by using this emulator.

Features Of InstaPro PC Version

Create Profile

Just like the official app you can create your profile on Instagram using your email address and add details like your name, hobbies, bio, etc. If you already have an account, just log in using your credentials.

Free Downloads

An unremarkable feature of this application is that it lets download images, videos, IGTV videos, and even stories directly from the app on your PC. So now there is no need to install separate software to download Instagram videos because you can do all this easily in a single click with the Windows version of Insta Pro.

Copy Anything

The official app due to privacy reasons does not let any user copy bios, comments, etc. from any other user’s profile but that’s not the case with this application. You are free to copy bios and comments on the latest version of Insta Pro for PC.

Offers Better Privacy

This app offers extra privacy features where users can hide their last seen messages, type status, view stories, etc. So if you don’t want other users to know you have seen their stories and messages a perfect solution for this is this mod application.

In-app Browser

Another commendable feature of the Insta Pro PC app is its in-app browser. Users can now open any link on Instagram without needing an external browser to open a link.

Zoom and Rewind

The official Instagram app doesn’t let users zoom in on pictures or rewind videos but this APK does. It is one of the amazing features of this application because now you don’t need to watch the whole video again if you missed some part or want to re-watch a specific part of the video.

Disable Swipe Navigation

With the Insta Pro PC application, you can now disable the swipe navigation on Instagram. So it won’t lead you to the camera or messages section whenever you swipe left or right.

No Ads.

One of the best features of the updated Insta Pro app for PC is that it is free from all kinds of ads. So if you find ads irritating it is a perfect app for you.

Track Followers

As with Instagram’s mini version, you can track when someone unfollows you. The same is the case with the PC version of InstaPro. This application offers a follower tracker. Now there is no need to worry about your decreasing followers number because,


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. It has numerous features, but the original application still lacks advanced updates, including downloading pictures, reels, stories, etc. We have highlighted all the exciting features of this app in this article. So if you need any help regarding Insta Pro for PC feel free to read our article anytime.


Yes, this application is free from all bugs and safe to download.

To install an APK file on a PC, users need to download an Android emulator first. The emulator can then be used to download any APK file on a PC or laptop.

No, APK files are not illegal unless they are downloaded from a reliable and authentic source.