Insta Liker APK Download, Android Version 1.8 (IG Liker APK) 2024

Insta Liker APK
App NameInsta Liker
PublisherIG Liker Team
Last UpdateJanuary 02
Size2.1 MB
RequiresAndriod 5.0+ version
Rating4.5 ⭐
Price0 USD

What Is insta Liker APK?

Are you embarrassed about having few followers and likes on Instagram? Do you want to boost your account by increasing the number of your followers and likes on your account? We are here for the solution of your problems. Here is the mg Insta Liker APK for Android to increase the number of likes on your Instagram account for free.

Getting more likes and comments on your Instagram account is like a piece of cake nowadays because Insta Auto Liker APK is here for you. Consistent exposure is not guaranteed even when you’ve employed the full quota of 30 hashtags permitted for a post or have encouraged users to explore your profile. The most precise resolution to this dilemma is to seek out a liker application.

Don’t feel under the weather, and set up your account and its picture. You can set the background to get more attraction to your account. You will earn cash on every like and can improve your performance by using this coin. The ball is in your court now whether you want to get some money quicker free of cost or you pay for this. The primary purpose is to increase Instagram followers and reactions.

Best Instagram Auto Liker App

This mod APK is one of the best Liker apps for Instagram because by using this app, you can also increase the number of people who are following you on your account. You can use this application for both public and private accounts, but you need to add some basic information, like your name, email, etc, after installing the app. After confirming and adding the basic information, you can use this app without issues.

The app is designed to work on social exchange systems to give you spam-free auto likes, comments, and followers on your Instagram account. Moreover, this APK is free to install and use. The primary purpose of this app is to boost your Insta account by increasing your audience. You can grow your business in this way.

Instagram Liker app is a free app that claims to provide its users with increased likes on their posts without logging into their Instagram accounts. While the app may promise to boost engagement, exercising caution when considering its use is crucial. It’s generally advisable to rely on organic engagement by creating compelling and authentic content and using actual features provided by Instagram for growth rather than resorting to third-party services.

How to Install?

  • First of all, you have to download the APK from Insta APKeys.
Download Insta Liker APK
  • Then go to your file manager and find the IG Liker app.
Install Instagram Auto Liker
  • Then tap on this downloaded file and click on the Install button.
IG Liker App

More About APK

Don’t feel under the weather if you are worried about increasing the number of reactions on Instagram in no time; you are at the right place because the IG Liker app is here with this purpose for you. The app has many features to assist you because it is programmed to do so.

Many other apps are programmed for the same purpose, so you have to use the best app for this. In this regard, Instagram auto liker APK is free, reliable, and perfect with all its features. You will get fast followers and likes if you use this app on your Android smartphone because the iOS version of this APK is not available.

Moreover, after getting likes, users want to download reels, videos, and stories from Instagram. For this purpose, there are many applications available on the internet, but we provide you with the best solution. In this regard, go and download the Instagram Pro app, as it is free and easy to use.

Key Features

Free Of Cost

This app is free to use anytime on your Android device, as it is programmed to assist you in your Insta account growth by increasing your audience. You don’t have to pay even a single penny for this.

Safe APK for Increasing Instagram Likes

Unlike other applications, the Insta Liker app is not a scam because it does not cause any malware to your device. There is no chance of a scam because the app is programmed by experts for this purpose.

Real Likes

If you use different and shortcut ways without any security, your Instagram account could be closed. Insta 4 Liker APK provides the best and most genuine way to get more reactions and comments on your Instagram posts. It provides a mixture of real and bot Instagram likes. You don’t have to worry about your account’s security because this app works naturally.

Web Version

This APK is relatively easy to use on Android, but you can also use this app on a PC. This app has a very simple interface because it is developed to give you maximum ease and comfort. If you want to use this app on your PC, download an Android emulator on your computer and Install this application.

Moreover, if you want to unlock the color features of Instagram, like changing of Instagram icon color and more, download the Instagram Multi Color app. It is completely free to use.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Free to use
  • There is no threat to the account


  • It takes time after buying coins
  • Limited number of likes and followers

Final Verdict

Getting likes on your Instagram account in a genuine way is quite a slow process, so the Insta Liker APK is here with the primary purpose of increasing likes, followers, and comments on your Instagram account and posts. It shows results within no time. The app helps get fame and a name in the world of social media.   


Yes, you can use this app to get likes without spending a single penny.

No, there is no harm in using this app because it looks genuine if you follow the instructions for the app.

Yes, there is a limit because you have to win coins for this. The more coins you get, the more likes you will receive.