Honista APK Download 2024, Latest Version (v8.0) Free for Android

Honista APK
App NameHonista APK
PublisherIG Mods
Last UpdateJanuary 22
Size80.7 MB
RequiresAndriod 5.0+
Rating4.4 ⭐
Price0 USD

About Honista APK

Currently, all social media platforms have become so blended that individuals cannot fully enjoy and use many features due to limitations. On Meta’s Instagram, my favorite platform, restrictions led me to search for alternative apps.

However, after searching for several weeks, I finally found the Honista APK as a suitable alternative to meta networks with extra features without the same restrictive policies that limited my experience.

Honista Instagram

The Honista app attracts over 5 million engaged users because of custom features unavailable elsewhere. It perfectly fits my needs, from a customizable interface and ghost mode to bug fixing and zoom capabilities.

So, like me, if you also want to enjoy the exceptional features of this mod APK, you must learn about its usage and how to comply with its privacy policies. To know all, let’s go through this.

Exclusive Overview

Honista is a free Instagram alternative for Android users seeking a distinct social media experience. It enables creating and sharing beautiful images, connecting with others, and discovering new people, much like Instagram.

However, notable additions to this modified version include its performance and compatibility. Honista claims to outperform other apps like Instagram mini APK. It aims to be an all-in-one solution for social media users like me.

This APK offers exclusive tools to enhance your experience, whether you want to view photos, download videos and images, or more. I’m excited to have found Honista as my go-to app for managing all my social media needs in one place. As an engaged user myself, I look forward to seeing it continue to evolve and add more personalized features.

How to Download & Install the Honista App for Free

The latest version is available for free and only takes a few minutes to install. Downloading the new version ensures you get the most up-to-date features and security enhancements. This quick and easy process will have Honista’s private messaging app ready to use on your device. Let’s walk through the simple steps to download and install the free Honista APK.

  • Firstly, visit the download button on instaapkeys.com using your Android device’s web browser. At the top of the page, you’ll spot the “Download” button. Remember, this app cannot be found on the Google Play Store.
download button
  • At this point, a warning might pop up during the download. Just skip this warning and continue with the download process.
Warning pop up
  • Open the APK file on your device once the download wraps up.
Honista APK Download
  • An installation page will appear, prompting you to click “Install” to initiate the app installation. The app will then start downloading and installing on your device.
How to Install
  • After the installation, you can open the application conveniently in your phone’s app drawer or menu. Enjoy exploring the app’s features!

Unique Features

The APK version unlocks exclusive features not found in the other social apps. Downloading this modded version provides access to advanced communication tools for enhanced privacy.

Ghost Mode

As an Honista mod APK user, I appreciate the ghost mode feature. It lets me observe in the background and view my friends’ stories. I can also check out who is living without indicating to others that I’m online. From your perspective, as my connection on Honista, you won’t see any activity from me while I have ghost mode turned on.

Themes Customisation

Visual design keeps things fresh and improves the user experience. I like the theming options in the app that allow me to customize the interface’s look. I can change messages’ font style and size or switch up the accent colors used across the app. Moreover, over 50 themes allow you to make the app your own. This means you can change the entire look of the interface with just a tap, which keeps things fun and fresh.

No Annoying Ads

As someone who uses Honista daily, I appreciate not having any ads cluttering up my feed or interrupting my experience. Unlike some other apps, this application offers a clean, uninterrupted space where I can browse content or message friends without annoying pop-up ads.

All Media Content Download

The downloading capabilities of Honista offer many useful options when I want to save content from friends. I can download all types of media, like IGTV videos, reels, photos, etc., right to my camera roll. I don’t need to stress about saving my stuff. Whenever I want, I can get it back with just one tap.

Bugs Fixing

An appreciable fact about the application is that the developers actively fix bugs and issues in each new release. In the latest update, several problems I experienced were resolved, allowing me to upload multiple photos and videos smoothly without crashing.

Speed & Performance

With regular app updates, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in app speed and overall performance. Actions like uploading content or swiping through feeds are now faster than ever, with less lag and delays. This marks a significant upgrade when compared to InstaPro 24.

Lightweight App

As someone who likes to conserve storage space, I appreciate that It is a lightweight app footprint that doesn’t occupy much space on my phone. At less than 100 MB, I can have it installed alongside other social apps without worry. So, you don’t have to stress about the app being a storage heavyweight if you want to interact with any profile and content.

Customizable Interface

I like that I can customize the look and feel of Honista APK through the settings. I can make the interface my own by changing aspects like the chat wallpapers, accent colors, and display language with just a few taps. Having this level of personalization at my fingertips allows me to tailor Honista’s layout to suit my preferences perfectly.

Chat Hiding Function

I often use the hide chat function if I’m messaging someone but need to exit our chat quickly. Using the Honista Instagram, I can hide an ongoing chat from view, so it appears I’m offline even if I’m still actively using the app. From your viewpoint, you’ll just see me offline in the chat while I still have the chat open. This allows me to multitask without appearing fully engaged.

Unique Filters and Stickers

As someone who enjoys customizing photos before sharing, having it’s wide range of filters and stickers at your fingertips is exceptionally convenient. I can quickly jazz up my images with stylized filters or supplement them with fun stickers before posting.

Create Albums

One of the incredible features of this app is organizing content into different albums. It helps me stay much more organized. Using the app, you can also compile your photos, videos, or stories into neatly arranged albums based on certain topics or time periods.

Zoom Capabilities

Zooming in on images and details is another great asset of Honista. I regularly utilize the zoom feature when viewing friends’ photos to examine interesting components closely. You will surely enjoy these features.

Getting Started with the Honista Instagram APK

Once installed, now open the application and follow the steps given below:

About Features

Opening the Application

Upon launching the Honista 2024 mobile application, a notification regarding privacy policies is displayed. By selecting “Agree and Proceed,” you consent to and continue with the terms outlined.

Selecting Languages

Subsequently, you will be presented with all linguistics supported within the platform. Choose your preferred language for utilizing the application. This dictates the terminology applied across all features.

Logging In

Upon language selection, the login page is exhibited, containing directives for accessing via your Instagram credentials. Tap “Sign In” to securely input your account details and access the app. This integration streamlines the onboarding process. You can easily get started using the convenient Honista app on your mobile device by following these easy steps.

Comparison With Official Instagram Application

Comparing PointsHonistaInstagram
Customization OptionsExtensive customization of interface colors, fonts, emojisLimited customization options
Privacy ControlsStrong focus on privacy with features like encryptionBasic privacy controls
Content ControlAllows removing ads, suggested posts, and filters for content displayedAlgorithmic feed with minimal control
Exclusive FeaturesBackup settings, advanced configuration optionsMinimal unique features
User Experience FocusContinuous updates to improve user experienceCore experience unchanged over time
Learning CurvePotentially overwhelming advanced featuresSimple and intuitive interface

How to Update Honista APK

The application receives continuous updates to introduce new features and enhancements to the overall user experience. To check if an update is available from within the application, please follow these steps:

  • Open the application and navigate to the “Settings” menu using the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Select the “About Honista” option in the Settings menu.
  • Click on the “Check for a new update” button.
  • A prompt will appear indicating whether a new update is available for download and installation or if the application is already up to date.

Privacy and Security Policies

Privacy protection is a fundamental priority for this application, including safeguarding user data and privacy. The latest Honista update implements end-to-end encrypted conversations to enhance user communications and information security protections. The application continuously strives to improve services with each update while adhering to robust privacy principles. It provides users with additional privacy controls, such as:

  • Customizing the application icon to disguise the app.
  • Displaying or concealing the icon for chats that are kept private.
  • Enabling or disabling notifications from concealed chats.
  • Using a PIN code or fingerprint to lock individual chats.
  • Choosing to reveal or conceal hidden chats when unlocking.
  • Setting a password or fingerprint to lock the full app.
  • Automatically locking the app after a period of inactivity.
  • Show or remove the app lock icon. Honista is committed to implementing privacy and security best practices to safeguard user data and communications.

Pros and Cons

The Honista for Android offers advanced messaging features but does come with some drawbacks. Evaluating the pros and cons helps you decide before downloading. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of using the Honista for messaging.


  • It offers extensive customization options like changing interface colors, fonts, and emoji styles to personalize the experience.
  • Provides professional tools like media downloading, mobile player, and post details filters to enhance productivity.
  • Allows control over content shown, like removing ads and suggested posts to manage internet consumption.
  • Has exclusive features like backup settings to preserve preferences when switching devices.
  • Continuously updated with new features and optimizations for an improved user experience.


  • Advanced settings require caution and knowledge; otherwise, they may cause issues.
  • A high number of features could overwhelm some users and have a learning curve.

Final Words

The Honista app provides users with an excellent customized experience through its exclusive features. You can pick your favorite colors for making a design, fonts, and emojis to make Honista your own. It also allows controlling the content shown, like removing ads and suggestions, to manage internet usage.

The feature I liked most about Honista APK is that it enables easy backup of settings to transfer preferences when changing devices. The app is continuously updated to give you the best experience possible.

With its focus on privacy, customization, user control, and regular improvements, I found the application to give users an unparalleled customized social media experience. In short, this mod APK has been made to provide the best user experience through its unique personalization and productivity features.


Certainly, it operates seamlessly when installed alongside the official Instagram version.

Typically, no. Yet, it’s worth noting that excessive utilization of APK’s features might lead to a user being banned.

There isn’t an official release for Honista on iOS, but developers are actively working on launching a dedicated version for the iOS platform soon.